Monday, March 13, 2017

Week 69: Cerro Grande!


Cerro Grande is so much fun, like I mentioned the area is HUGE so we spend a lot of time walking. This week was funny because after spending so much money on mototaxis to save time between appointments (mototaxis are like gocarts that are commonly used for transportation, so fun) we were seriously running into a financial crisis and at night we saw how God answered our prayers and left 40 lempiras left on the ground on our walk home! 

My companion continues to amaze me with her humility. This week one time we were really hungry and all we had packed for lunch (we didn`t buy food for the same reason) was a little sandwich one for each of us, and as we were eating a little girl came up to us and started talking. My companion then parted her sandwich, giving her basically a whole half of it, and knowing how hungry she was and how hungry I was, my jaw literally just dropped and I just said to her, "you are one Christ-like soul." She laughed, a little uncomfortable that I had pointed out something so kind that she did, but I was seriously just amazed.

Enjoy the photos! Love you all
Hermana Bernal


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