Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Week 18: "Abra sus ojos, abra sus oidos, y abra su corazon antes que abre su boca¨

Hi everyone!

Sorry that I missed a couple weeks of updating you all, so much has happened in three weeks! Ok refresher to everone where I´m at- in Southern Honduras in a place where herds of cows pass by us as we go from house to house. It´s awesome! The specific area that we´re living in is called ¨Renacer¨ which means Rebirth. Why? In October about 17 years ago Hurricane Mitch, a Hurricane which devastated various parts of Central America but hitting hardest here in the South, destroyed thousands of families´ homes (I´ve heard the number 7000 went missing) and those who survived were left to depend on international support to provide for shelter. Each colony is named in remembrance of its respective Association: Los Espanoles, Cruz Roja, Care, and Plan International. We live in Care. For this reason, I never stop being amazed at how willing people are to offer all that they can. They have so little, and give so much. 
A couple moments that I´ll never forget from this month first off is that we got the pleasure of attending the opening a couple youth´s mission calls!! In this ward there are now 7 youth preparing to serve missions in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, and Costa Rica. It is so cool to see the Church growing here, and especially to see this youth with such strong testimonies of this restored gospel. What was also really cute is that at each mission call opening practiaclly all the member of the branch came and squeezed in their little house! 
Oh the other day we offered service to a family who needed some work done around their house. I weeded with a machete for the first and felt pretty cool. (No I didn´t chop an arm off, yes there were some close calls). Another thing that makes me laugh is that here the broom is the most versatile house tool- you sweep inside floors, you use it outside as a rake, put a towel over it now you´ve got a mop, combine it with a hose and you´ve got a power washer! 

Every Sunday my companion and I switch off teaching the principles of the gospel class and the other day it was my turn to teach- guess what- the gathering of the 12 tribes of Israel!! I felt completely inadequate to teach this topic in spanish let alone in English but as I have seen in many moments in my mission, as I have prayerfully asked the Lord to show me how to accomplish what is asked of me, the still small voice of the Spirit has quieted my doubtful thoughts and allowed me to trust in the promise that what I ask, shall be given. Knock and ye shall receive. Though God works by power, His power is usually exercised in reponse to faith. I have learned that when we humble ourselves enough to ask our Heavenly Father for the help that we need, He will always provide in accordance to the faith we demonstrate in our righteous desires and actions...

This month I also came up with a little personal mantra to help me focus my thoughts on what God is providing, rather than what I feel I am lacking. It´s ¨Abra sus ojos, abra sus oidos, y abra su corazon antes que abre su boca¨. Abra su nariz is not included because if you´re near the main road there is a high chance you will encounter the smell of dead animal haha I´m hilarious sorry everyone this email is so long. 
There is so much more to share but it will have to wait till next week. I know that everyday I´m in the care of my Heavenly Father, doing my best to fulfill his work and bring more souls to him. I know He loves me, and I see that He loves the rest of His children on earth as they come to the gain a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Enjoy photos that I will send-- We also went to the temple!! Look how beautiful it is!!

Love you all!
Hermana Bernal