Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Week 25: "All people need is a little love"

Hey family and friends,

This week was precious. We were able to work with a lot of members who went out with us visiting some of the members that we haven´t seen in awhile at church, as well as a few investigators... It is so awesome to be able to see people the members here take care of each other, sharing their testimonies and helping them understand the blessings of obedience, and how beautiful it was to see how immediate we saw results!! The church building is pretty far away from the houses of most of the members, so there is a bus that passes by the town every Sunday morning, and when we got on the bus my companion and I could not believe our eyes we were so ecstatic to see the number of smiling faces there, it was nearly double the attendance of prior weeks! Clear example to me that sometimes all people need is a little love, a little visit, and a little push in the right direction. We must never forget that our little efforts are often what make the difference in the precise moment when they are needed.

Love you,

Hermana Bernal

Week 24: Are we doing the basics?

Hey everyone!! I am so happy to write to you today!!

Recently we had transfers, and my new companion is named Hermana Avila! I feel so so grateful to be with her, we get along really well.

So so much has happened, I wish I could tell you all about it but for now I will share one experience that I had with Hermana Vicente that taught me a great lesson on faith. It was a Saturday when missionaries from another ward had planned a baptism in our ward building, and had asked us to arrive early to clean the building and prepare the baptismal font. We get there early, begin setting up only to find that the water system was faultering, and there was barely any running water to fill the font. Staring at the font we thought to ourselves, this is a baptism, the Lord knows exactly how important this day is for someone who is about to make a covenant with God, there must be something we can do! So, we knelt down and began with a prayer to ask for guidance. In the middle of the prayer, the little running water that had been flowing completely stopped. Not one drop left the tap. But keeping in mind that often answers to our prayers often don´t come instantly, we kept searching for the solution, called a few members, and after about 20 stressful minutes a member came like an angel and was able to find a hole that was releasing all of the water outside! We covered the hole and fixed it all up, quickly filled the font, and that day the now recent convert was baptised, now able to enter into the kingdom of God. As I reflect back I find it funny that in the middle of our prayer God tested our faith with the complete hault of the flow of water, and once we found the hole how simply the problem was resolved. Sometimes when we feel like we are giving our all and we find ourselves in brief moments where it seems as if ¨¨the water stops¨¨, these are the exact moments when the Lord is just waiting to see if we will doubt, or if we will press forward with the faith that there is already a solution, a wise purpose that has already been prepared. Sometimes the solution is that really we need to ask for help- in this case we needed to call a member-, sometimes the solution is as simple as a hole in the system- are we doing the basics? reading our scriptures, saying our prayers, going to church? And sometimes the answer is just patience. On my mission I have been learning a lot of patience, and I expect to continue learning it for the rest of my mission and life! Haha. Anyways I love you all, I know God answers prayers, I know that God blesses us in acordance with the faith that we demonstrate.

Hermana Bernal ;P